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Whether it is a birthday or engagement party, let us celebrate your personal milestones as if it is our own.

Milestone: Gunjan's 40th birthday party
Restaurant partner: Pollen
No. of people: 100


When we were approached by Showbhik to throw a surprise birthday party for his wife, Gunjan, we knew we had to rope in Head Chef Steve Allen from Pollen Singapore and his team to celebrate the birthday girl’s big day in an extraordinary way.

The party was a huge success as we brought the Pollen team right into the couple’s lovely home to delight the guests with a bespoke canepés menu. We even set up a popup bar where we customised cocktails, with one of our signatures being the Chilli and Soy Sauce Cocktail. The ever sweet and thoughtful husband even invited the eminent Jeremy Monteiro to put up a special performance for the birthday girl.

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