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“A good event management company has interesting, novel and high-quality vendors, venues and ideas to recommend, but, if a client has specific ideas about what they want, will also be able to embrace the client’s vision and bring it to life. A truly excellent event planner is able to think ahead and anticipate a client’s needs, and have a solution in mind even before the issue is raised.


The Inside Access embodies all these qualities – they have good relationships with excellent vendors, as a result of which their vendors provide more attentive and accommodating service than if one had gone to the same vendors directly, and best of all, TIA anticipates needs, thinks three steps ahead and has a workaround to most logistical issues even before you raise the question. Arron and his team bring a very high level of intuitive service – the staff are unobtrusive and add to, rather than detract from, a social occasion – but at the same time, are instantly there at a guest’s elbow with coffee sweetener for those who don’t take sugar, caramel popcorn and sparkling Ribena for little ones, napkins to wipe up spills, etc. even as the guest looked up to make the request.

What I liked best about the varied events TIA has planned for me, from a half-day yacht charter for 50 business contacts, to an formal office lunch, to a family day event with lots of children – everyone had a wonderful time and remarked on the special little touches that stood out in their minds, each event went better than I could have imagined, and issues that were beyond the control of TIA were swiftly and calmly handled such that guests never even realized there was a problem.”


S. Tang

Partner, International Law Firm

“Some characteristics of a good event management company are attention to detail, attentiveness to guests’ needs and smooth flow of events.

To me, The Inside Access embodies all the above by how everyone left feeling comfortable and satisfied at our inaugural edition of Celebrity Yacht Cruise. The little attention to details such as the “make your own drink” element made the experience fun and new, particularly to VIP guests who have experienced many things before. It’s important to find new and exciting experiences for such connoisseurs.


What I liked best about the event was the fact that I, as the acting host, can actually relax. Everything was handled so smoothly I got to actually enjoy my guests and the cruise itself.”


Michael Herrera

Partner, M The Movement

“I attended a dinner planned by The Inside Access for MasterCard Priceless at Restaurant Andre in January 2018. It was less than a month to the Michelin-starred establishment closing for good, and the reservation book was bursting at the seams. Thanks to The Inside Access, not only did I land a highly-coveted seat, it was also at the chef’s table, which meant I had a front-row view of the chef himself slicing and dicing in the kitchen. I can’t wait for Andre Chiang to start his next venture in Singapore, and am betting that The Inside Access is already in negotiations to organize a Chef’s Table experience.”


Low Shi Ping

Director, LSP Communications

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